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Man Recorded Unscrewing Light Bulb From Porch In Women's Underwear Arrested In Wylie

Those video door bells catch the scariest things.

July 5, 2019

What did we do before Ring Video Doorbells?  We probably slept better.  Especially after seeing what happened at around 11:00pm on Saturday (6/29/19) night..

36-year-old Michael Anthony Jimenez was apparently filmed unscrewing a light bulb on a front porch in Wylie.  As you can see in the video below (caught by one of the popular Ring Video Doorbells), he was wearing nothing but woman's underwear (or just skimpy underwear?).  The suspect's face and tattoos are clearly seen, too.  A resident at Stoneybrook Drive, near South Ballard Avenue in Wylie, complained to police about the incident.

Jimenez was charged with criminal trespassing yesterday (Wednesday 7/3/19): and remained in the Collin County jail where his bail was set at $500.

Source: Dallas News