(Photo by Jack Gruber-USA TODAY)

Mark Zuckerberg Needed A Booster Seat For His Testimony In Front Of Congress

April 11, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg isn't having a good week...or month for that matter.

Just weeks after the Cambridge Analytics data breach, Zuckerberg was scheduled to appear in front of Congress on Tuesday. Zuckerberg was grilled for over 5 hours, however, no one is talking about what he had to say. Instead, the internet can't get past the booster seat Zuckerberg was sitting in.


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Of course there are a number of reasons why Zuckerberg needed some extra padding, after all he would be sitting there virtually most of the day. It also could have been for filming purposes, so we could all see him on camera. Or it could have been a power move to make Zuckerberg appear bigger than he really is in front of Congressional eyes.

Whatever the reason, the internet is loving it.