Amazon Driver Dances After Finding Basket Of Treats Left For Him Outside Of Home

December 6, 2019
Delivery Driver, Truck, Package

(Photo by Getty Images)

This is a pretty hectic time of year for delivery drivers.

Christmas is inching closer and closer, and the amount of packages heading out and coming in has to be through the roof.  

So it’s no wonder Karim Earl Reed III reacted the way he did when he approached a customer’s home in Delaware.  

While leaving a package on Kathy Ouma’s front doorstep, Reed found a basket of treats laid out for delivery drivers, which included water, soda, and other snacks.  Reed was just too pure, exclaiming, “Oh, this is nice! We got some goodies … wow!,” before dancing on his way back to his truck.  

Ouma wrote, “Made my day! I leave goodies out every year.”

Via Fox News