Carjacker Sits On Driver's Lap, Leads Police On Chase

June 24, 2020
Female, Hands, Driving, Steering Wheel

(Photo by Getty Images)

31-year-old Tomasz Dymek is a unique kind of carjacker.

He was asking for cash in the parking lot of a drug store in Ewing, New Jersey when a 66-year-old woman offered him $1.  Unsatisfied with the dollar, Dymek decided to steal the woman's car, while she still sat in the driver's seat.  He forced his way into the car, and drove off with it, while sitting on the 66-year-old's lap; she was unable to reach the pedals or steering wheel.

Dymek proceeded to drive the car, whilst sitting on the woman, from New Jersey to Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania where it stalled.

Dymek fled on foot, but he was eventually apprehended by the police.  He faces extradition and criminal and motor vehicle charges.  The woman was examined by medics and gave the police a statement.