Cosmetic Surgeon Gives Five Tips To Help Prevent Saggy Boobs

September 16, 2020
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Dr. Dirk Kremer, a cosmetic surgeon with Harley Street Aesthetics, has a solution to a growing problem the world is facing today: saggy boobs.

And this is not just a problem for women.  According to Dr. Kremer, men over 40 need to watch out for this too saying, "As we get older, our skin becomes less elastic and thins, so gravity has an easier time pulling us down. That stretching process tends to accelerate as we get older."

As such, Dr. Kremer as offered several tips, and FIVE things to avoid, in order to slow down the process of your boobs becoming saggier:

1.  Too much sun can damage the skin on your chest, cause wrinkles, and limit its elasticity. 

2.  Losing too much weight too fast.  Everything tends to get a little looser if your skin doesn't have time to adjust.

3.  Going braless all the time.  Bras keep everything from moving around too much, which can cause your skin to stretch over time.

4.  Sleeping on your side.  This, along with sleeping on your stomach, can cause the ligaments in your chest to stretch.  Try to sleep on your bac, or if you're a side-sleeper, use a pillow for support.

5.  Smoking.  It destroys collagen, along with a key protein that keeps your skin nice and bouncy, including the skin on your chest!

Via Daily Mail