Former Couple Arrested After Woman Throws Hot Pizza At Ex During Fight

June 25, 2020
Woman, Cooking, Pizza, Oven

(Photo by Getty Images)

A former couple, though still living together, was arrested in St. Petersburg, Florida after an argument led to a physical altercation.

It's unclear at this point what Robert Ybarra, 37, and Becky Bartlett, 32, were arguing about, but Ybarra decided to leave their shared residence to cool off.  Upon his return around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning, he decided to cook himself a pizza.  Bartlett, who is described as Ybarra's ex-girlfriend, took offense to Ybarra making a pizza, which woke her from her sleep on their couch.  

Bartlett then allegedly walked over to the oven, grabbed the pizza out of it, and then THREW it at Ybarra, burning his hand.  Police noted when they arrived at the scene that Ybarra "suffered visible injury and had food on his pant leg consistent with his statements."  Unfortunately, the police found out some more information about Ybarra.

They discovered that he actually had a felony warrant out for his arrest in Colorado where he was charged in 2016 with a felony marijuana distribution count.  Apparently, Ybarra jumped his $50,000 bond in the state.  

Ybarra is currently being held without bond in Pinellas County jail, and Bartlett was arrested for domestic battery, a misdemeanor, though was released from custody Tuesday afternoon.  She was also ordered Bartlett to have no contact with Ybarra, barred her from possessing firearms or ammunition, and prohibited her from leaving the county without court permission.

Via The Smoking Gun