Dad Goes Viral Leaving Sweet Messages To Daughter On Ring Camera Everyday

May 22, 2020
Ring, Security Camera

(Photo by Sarah Warnock/Clarion Ledger, Mississippi Clarion Ledger via Imagn Content Services, LLC)

Even though Emily Brand is away at school, she watches her family's Ring camera every single day.

When her dad found this out, he began leaving sweet video messages for her every single day.  Emily posted the video on TikTok, which went absolutely viral, garnering more than 755,000 likes, all of her dad telling her about his mundane trips to the drugstore, and saying "hi" wheh he gets home.

Of course, everyone is loving Emily's dad.  One person wrote, "I’m not even joking for a good comment I literally sat in the bathroom crying.  I never had a dad in my life that’s been like this so it’s wholesome."  Another commented, "This is the cutest, most wholesome thing ever.  Thank you for making my day."

Via Yahoo!