E.T. And Elliott Reunite Almost 40 Years After Original Film For Holiday Commercial

November 29, 2019
E.T., Pumpkin, Carving, Jack-O-Lantern, Phone Home, 2018

(Photo by Scott Utterback/Courier Journal)

E.T. and Elliott are together again.

Sort of.

A grown-up Elliott, portrayed once again by Henry Thomas appeared in a commercial for telecom company Xfinity, alongside the lovable E.T., from their 1982 classic E.T.  In the ad, E.T. visits Elliott to learn about snow and tablets.  E.T. is surprised by VR goggles, and even goes sledding with Elliott’s children. They also proceed to re-create the infamous bicycle Moon scene from the original film.

Last month, Thomas was arrested for DUI in Oregon.  

He pleaded no contest to driving under the influence and reckless driving.  He accepted a plea deal which will require him to enter a diversion program for one year in addition to paying a $500 fine.  He must also attend a one-time victim impact panel, as well as have an ingnition interlock device installed in his car.

Via Fox News