Frisco Church Pays Off $2.2 Million In Medical Debt For Collin County Residents

February 13, 2020
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Last Sunday, Josh Craft, the executive pastor at Elevate Life Church in Frisco, had a major announcement.

Craft announced at last Sunday’s services, “In just Collin County this week we purchased $2.2 million worth of medical debt and forgave it all.”

Of course, the crowd erupted.

Elevate Life Church is working with RIP Medical Debt to accomplish this task.  The nonprofit is now working to identify Collin County residents who are living twice below the federal poverty line, have debts greater than their assets, or have debts greater than 5% of their annual income, and will help pay off their debt. 

Cradft said, ““It will basically just wipe the slate clean for all those different people.  Over the next couple of months people in Collin County will be getting letters that say hey we just love you and your debt is forgiven. It’s not benefiting us as a church, it’s 100% for people we don’t know. John 3:16, it’s the most well known passage scripture in the world. It says God so loved the world that he gave and the cool thing is we get the opportunity to really find a way to just be that for people.”

RIP Medical Debt estimates there is currently $740 million of unpaid medical debt in Texas.