Grocery Store Fills Salad Bar Closed Due To The Coronavirus With Tons And Tons Of Alcohol

May 22, 2020
Salad Bar, Supermarket, Lettuce

(Photo by Getty Images)

With the current state of the world, buffets and salad bars aren't the most popular ways to consume food, and frankly a lot of places have done away with the idea all together.

This grocery store in Missouri decided to get rid of their salad bar, but they still manages to utilize the space, and some might say utilize it for the better!  The store, a Dierbergs market, took out all of the salad and fixins', and swapped them with miniature bottles of liquor, turning their salad bar into a liquor bar!

Store spokesman Jamie Collins told the New York Post, "Looking for a way to leverage an empty salad bar, which has been closed since March of this year during the COVID-19 operational changes, Rick Rodemacher, our store director at our Manchester [branch> had the idea to place beer cans in the empty space.  It started with beer cans and then liquor bottles.  It’s a safety precaution and not [due to food> supply issues."

Via NY Post