Social Media Influencer Reveals Positive Test For Coronavirus Days After Licking Public Toilet Seat

March 27, 2020
Hand, Lifting Toilet Seat, Toilet, Bathroom

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It may not be a pleasant memory, but does everyone remember Ava Louise, the social media influencer who licked a plane's toilet seat in an attempt to start the "Coronavirus Challenge?"

Well, she influenced another influencer named Larz, who posted his attempt at the Coronavirus Challenge.  Unfortunately for Larz, days after he posted the video online, he announced he too tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Larz posted a video from his hospital bed to his Instagram captioning it, "I got diagnosed with Coronavirus --."

I got diagnosed with Coronavirus --

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And with this news, comes a warning we thought we'd never have to issue....Please do not lick toilet seats.  

Via People