You Can Now Invite A Llama Or Goat To Your Zoom Work Call For Less Than $100

April 14, 2020
Llama, Alpaca, Farm, Funny

(Photo by Getty Images)

Chances are, you've probably participated in a Zoom call as of late.

If not Zoom, some other webcam service for either a meeting for work or perhaps to visit with some friends while we're all self-isolating.  We now the process can be monotonous at times, which is why a farm in California is offering a service to help spice up those webcam calls.

For less than $100, Sweet Farm is offering to dial in a llama, goat, or any other barn animal into your webcam call.  Co-founder Nate Salpeter said, "Sometimes people just want to watch a cow eat grass."

So far, the animals you can include in your conference call include goats, sheep, pigs, cows, turkeys and, by far the most popular, llamas.

Via NY Post