Macaulay Culkin Teams With NASA Engineer To Troll Porch Pirates With Glitter Bombs

December 17, 2019
Maculay Culkin, Red Carpet, American Music Awards, 2018, Close Up

(Photo by Birdie Thompson/AdMedia /Sipa USA)

Though Texas has taken great strides in managing porch pirates, they are still a great problem today, especially during the holiday season.

Enter former NASA engineer Mark Rober.  He helped design the Curiosity Rover, and has now transitioned into a pretty successfull YouTube career.  

Last year, he took major steps in the fight against porch pirates by hiding glitter bombs inside packages that he placed on his porch, baiting to be stolen.  The results were fantastic.  

This year, Rober stepped it up a notch.

He enlisted the help of Macaulay Culkin to punish more of these thieves, this time with the Glitter Bomb Trap 2.0.

Rober took inspiration from Culkin's classic Home Alone to "make a revenge device for thieves who think it’s OK to steal other people’s packages."  The new bomb features biodegradable glitter, GPS tracking, stink spray, a countdown sound effect, fake police chatter, and cameras.

And plenty of Home Alone references!

Porch pirates need to be aware in Texas!  If caught stealing packages, by law, if a thief steals from less than 10 people they will face a state felony charge, if they steal from between 20 and 50 people it’s a second-degree felony, and if they steal from more than 50 people, they would face first-degree felony charges.

Via Digital Trends