Man Breaks Into Bank, Tells Police He Was Just Trying To Heat Up His Hot Pockets

May 28, 2020
Hot Pockets, Microwaved Pizza Pockets, Cheese, Sauce, Cutting Board

(Photo by Getty Images)

Police in San Diego responded to a call early Wednesday morning about a man breaking into a nearby Chollas View bank.

A burglar alarm had gone off around 3:30 in the morning, and when police arrived at the scene, they found a broken window near the bank's drive-thru.  However, it didn't take police long to find their suspect.  Police walked through the front door of the bank, made their way to the back, and found their guy, in the kitchen heating up a Hot Pocket.

In fact, as the police were leading him away, the man said that he had specifically broken into the bank just so he could heat up his Hot Pockets.

When asked if the Hot Pockets were worth it, the man responded, "Hell yeah it was worth it."

Via 10 News