Man Claiming To Be "Michael Corleone" Arrested For Possible Disorderly Intoxication In Florida

June 23, 2020
Police Car, Lights, Pulled Over, Night, City

(Photo by Getty Images)

Police in Florida have apprehended the head of the Corleone family.

Well, at least that's what the 54-year-old told officers after he was busted for carrying an open container.  While officers were trying to get a handle on him, James Ransom kept telling officers, repeatedly, that his name was actually "Michael Corleone," the lead character of The Godfather.

The police said in their report, "While being detained for an open container violations as well as possible disorderly intoxication case, the (defendant) provided the name “Michael Corrleone” (sic) multiple times."

Even though a fingerprint scan revealed that Ransom was not Corleone, the police claim Ransom refused to crack under questioning.

He pleaded no contest to Thursday’s charges and spent two days in jail.

Via NY Daily News