Man Pulled Over Trying To Drive In HOV Lane With A Stuffed Dinosaur

February 13, 2020
Stuffed Dinosaur, Toy, Doll, Plush

(Photo by Getty Images)

A man in Washington was pulled over for speeding northbound in the HOV lane.

When officers arrived at his vehicle though, they noticed that his front seat passenger was a little...unusual.  And not human.

Trooper Rick Johnson found in the man's front seat a gigantic stuffed dionsaur plush, that to his credit, did have his seat belt on.  Unfortunately, a plush passenger does not qualify you for the HOV lane.

The driver could face a hefty fine thanks to a law that took effect last summer.  The law adds a $200 fine to the $186 base fine for a HOV violation if a driver is caught "using a dummy, doll, or other human facsimile to make it appear that an additional person is in the vehicle."