Man Tells Wife He Caught Chlamydia On A Business Trip From Wearing A Face Mask

June 29, 2020
Man, Face Mask, Briefcase, Surgical Mask

(Photo by Getty Images)

A news station in Columbia, South Carolina recently received an influx of comments about various ailments people have endured after wearing a face mask out in public.

One in particular stands out.

A woman named Cheryl Gilbert shared how her husband went out on a business trip, and returned with a brand new case of CHLAMYDIA after wearing his face mask!  Yes, her husband told her he caught chlamydia because he was forced to wear a face mask.

Of course, people were quick to point out that it probably wasn't the facemask that gave her husband the STI.  Unfortunately, it is unknown of the message was clear for Gilbert as she deleted her Facebook shortly after the exchange.

Via Metro