Man Takes First Date To Rob A Bank, Forces Her To Be The Getaway Driver

February 14, 2020
Armed Robbery, Gun, Money, Cash, Robbery

(Photo by Getty Images)

This might be the worst first date of all time.

Back in 2016, Christopher Castillo went on a first date with Shelby Sampson, whom he met through a dating app.  Now, in a situation like this, you’d maybe think dinner and a movie.  However, Castillo had other ideas.

He decided to rob a bank.  With Sampson in tow.  And if that isn’t bad enough, he forced her to be his getaway driver!

Fortunately, Sampson pulled over as soon as the police pulled up behind her.  

Castillo was arrested on the spot, after swiping $1,000 from the bank, and was charged with aggravated robbery.  Sampson was initially arrested for being an accessory to the crime, but the charges against her were eventually dropped.  

Earlier this week, Castillo was sentenced to five years in prison.

Definitely the WORST first date of all time.

Via The Sun Chronicle