Mom Shaves The Word "Elf" Into Son’s Head In Hilarious “Elf On A Shelf” Prank

December 19, 2019
Elf on a Shelf, Peeking, Stocking

(Photo by Chuck Berman/Chicago Tribune/MCT/Sipa USA)

Amanda Johns wants to make sure her kids know their Elf on a Shelf means business.

Johns enlisted the help of her teenaged son Iestyn, who pretended to be asleep when their elf shaved the word “Elf” into the back of his head.  Of course, Johns younger daughter Tegan woke up, she was absolutely shocked.

Johns said, “She runs into my room and asks, ‘Where is the elf?!’ but when she found him in Iestyn’s room with the clippers she was flabbergasted.”

Of course, other parents questioned Johns’ parenting tactics, but Iestyn “is the best big brother and will do anything to make his little sister smile,” according to Johns. 

Via NY Post