Mother And Daughter Go Viral For Homemade Whataburger Super Hero Costumes

December 10, 2019
Whataburger, Corpus Christi, A-Frame Restaurant, Pretty Day, 2019

(Photo by Rachel Denny Clow/Caller-Times)

It was too cold on Halloween for this Austin mother and daughter to wear their Halloween costumes.

Thankfully, Hailee and Mattie Bage believe in "better late than never," as their Halloween costumes are the things of every Texan's dreams.

Hailee and Mattie took part in a full-on photo shoot showing off their homemade Whataburger superhero costumes, complete with capes and cowboy boots!

Haille told KXAN, "My daughter is a huge Whataburger fan and I love anything to do with Texas in general so I made the costumes myself and just had fun with it.  When we were doing the shoot at Whataburger, the reaction was insane, people in the drive-thru honking and waving and cheering us on.  It was an amazing day!"

Via Fox 10