Garland, Grand Prairie, And Plano Rated As Best US Cities For A Staycation

May 21, 2020
Texas Flag, Waving, Office Building, Skyscraper

(Photo by Getty Images)

Summer is right around the corner, but chances are any plans you had for summer vacation have been squashed thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

However, that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy a good time by staying right here in North Texas.  In fact, WalletHub recently released a ranking of the best cities in the United States for a staycation, and North Texas is well represented!

In the top 20, Garland ranks at #19, Grand Prairie at #8, at Plano came in at #1 for the BEST city in the entire country for a staycation.  

WalletHub focused on two key areas for their study: recreation and rest and relaxation.  Their metrics for recreation included "running trails per capita, strictness of 'shelter in place' order, and miles of bicycle lanes, paths and routes per square mile."  For rest and relaxation, they included "idealness of summer weather, average home square footage, and average beer and wine price."

Other Texas towns ranked include Austin (#9), Houston (#25), Arlington (#26), Irving (#27), Laredo (#30), Amarillo (#32), Corpus Christi (#35), Dallas (#36), Fort Worth (#42), Brownsville (#44), Lubbock (#57), San Antonio (#78), and El Paso (#80).

Via USA Today