Six Elementary School Students Get Stuck After Sticking Tongue To Frozen Poles

December 23, 2019
Man, Tongue, Stuck, Frozen Pole

(Photo via Getty Images)

In a pivotal scene in the classic A Christmas Story, Flick is triple-dog dared to stick his tongue to a frozen pole outside of his school.

Of course, Flick gets stuck to the pole, and is left out in the cold while his friends and fellow classmates head back indoors, of course because the bell rings.

Well, kids at Emmet D. Williams Elementary School in Shoreview, MN could have learned a lesson from Flick, because over the last couple of weeks, six students over six separate incidents have learned that removing your tongue from a frozen pole is very difficult.  And painful.

Luckily, nor the fire department or the cops had to be called to free the kids.  Some went ahead and just ripped their tongue off the pole, and others ust waited for an adult to bring some warm water.  

Principal Jen Wilson said of her rambunctious bunch,  "You just can't make this stuff up."

Wilson emailed her staff alerting them of similar incidents in the future, and teachers who monitor recess have been carrying bottles of warm water with them outdoors.  Just in case.

Via Star Tribune