Study Finds People Are Most Miserable When They Turn 47

January 14, 2020
Mid-Life Crisis, Man, Middle Age, Hands in Face

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The mid-life crisis is real.

A new study from Dartmouth College Professor David Blanchflower has found that 47.2 is the age most likely to experience “peak unhappiness” for those living in the “developed world.”

Blanchflower collected data about well-being and age from 132 countries, and suggests that the “happiness curve” reaches its perigee at precisely 47.2 years. 

He wrote in his study, which was distributed by the National Bureau of Economic Research, that in every country, there is a “happiness curve” which is U-shaped over lifetimes. It reaches its lowest in the developing nations at the age of 48.2.  Blanchflower says, “The curve’s trajectory holds true in countries where the median wage is high and where it is not and where people tend to live longer and where they don’t.”

As for why people are most unhappy at 47.2, the study explains that it’s most likely the age where we realize our big dreams won’t really come true.


By the time people hit their 70s, they are generally just as happy as they were when they were 18.  So we have that to look forward to!

Via Market Watch