University To Offer “Adulting” Classes For Students To Learn Life Skills

November 22, 2019
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Many college students have yet to master many basic life skills, and one university wants to change that.

Kansas State University in Manhattan will soon offer noncredit workshops that will teach a series of practical skills, including changing a tire or perhaps balancing a checkbook.

The decline of classes known as home economics or family and consumer science began when schools shifted their focus to core subjects for testing.  Duane Whitbeck, the chair of Family and Consumer Sciences at Pittsburg State University said, “It’s not considered to be a core area, and so it’s easier to say, ‘maybe we don’t need this.”

Mental health advocate also believe these adulting classes will help prepare already-overwhelmed students for life’s challenges, and make them more resilient in dealing with setbacks. Megan Katt, a health educator at Kansas State, said, “When we’re not given the tools to solve problems, we are not able to be resilient.”

Via Fox 4