U.S. Facing Possible French Fry Shortage After Cold Weather Stunts Potato Harvest

December 3, 2019
French Fries, Plate, Fries, Hands

(Photo by Getty Images)

It appears the New Year will bring great trials and tribulation for our great country.

America is running low on french fries.

Cold and wet weather has stunted the growth of potatoes.  The cool October conditions "lashed potatoes with frost" in growing regions like Idaho, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Canada.  Many of the crops in North Dakota and Canada had to abandomed completely, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts that potato output will drop 6.1% this year, the lowest since 2010.

On top of the shortage, recent french fry demand has been incredibly high, according to Travis Blacker, industry-relations director with the Idaho Potato Commission.  He told Bloomberg, "French fry demand has just been outstanding lately, and so supplies can’t meet the demand."

Bloomberg reports we're like to see an increase in potato prices across the country, and that potato processors in the U.S. have turned to foreign producers to help make up the loss.