Woman Arrested For Drunk Driving Trying To Pick Up Friend Who Crashed His Truck After Driving Drunk

June 29, 2020
Police Car, Lights, Pulled Over, Night, City

(Photo by Getty Images)

38-year-old Frederick Anthony Turner abandonded his pickup truck in the middle of the road after he flipped it following a rollover crash.  

Police found his license, along with several opened cans of Michelob Ultra beer in the vehicle upon arriving at the scene.  However, they did not find Turner present at the scene.

Instead, the found him after reports came of a man walking north of the crash site.  Upon investigation, they found Turner sitting in the passenger seat of a truck driven by 22-year-old Jesse Caroline Walker, who had just crashed her vehicle into a ditch.  When the police found the pair, they were drinking Michelob Ultras that Turner had brought with him from his truck.

Turner was reportedly unsteady on his feet, and fell face-first onto the gravel when the police had him exit the vehicle.  Both Turner and Walker also smelled strongly of alcohol according to the police report.  Walker admitted to drinking, and submitted to a series of field sobriety tests afterwhich she was arrested for drunk driving.  Turner, however, did not go as quietly.

He yelled profanities at the officers, and was subsequently transferred to a hospital for furhter evaluation.  He proceeded to yell and shout more profanities, and spit at officers, after arriving at the hospital as well.

Both were booked into Coweta County Jail.  Walker is being charged with DUI, failure to maintain lane, and having an open container.  Turner is facing charges of DUI, driving too fast for conditions, acquiring a license plate to conceal identity, operating a vehicle without registration, leaving the scene of an accident, open container, simple battery on a law enforcement officer, obstruction, and disorderly conduct.