“Batman” Walks Girl To School To Protect Her From Bullies

September 11, 2019
John Buckland, Batman, Costume, Batmobile, Albany Elementary, 2018

(Photo by Corey Ohlenkamp/Star Press)

One afternoon, Erica Calculli’s daughter Lydia came home with bruises on her face.

Chalking it up to normal roughhousing, she didn’t think anything of it.  Shortly after, Lydia came home with a swollen black eye. Erica then knew this was something more than kids being kids.

Lydia revealed that other kids hit her, and threw a shoe at her.  Erica reported the incident to school officials, but nothing came of it. She turned to social media seeking some kind of guidance, where she was approached by Batman impersonator, Jack Asbury.

Asbury offered to walk Lydia to school in order to keep her safe from bullies, an opportunity which Erica immediately accepted.

Erica wrote, “Lydia got a surprise visit at school from The Batman Of Spring Hill.  I really hope she’s more comfortable at school now, and I can’t wait to talk to her when she gets home.”