Bevo Was Not Excited To Meet Georgia Bulldog Uga Before Last Night's Sugar Bowl

January 2, 2019
Bevo, Texas Longhorns, Mascot, 2018

(Photo by John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports)

Before last night's Sugar Bowl featuring the Texas Longhorns and the Georgia Bulldogs, the schools decided to have their respective mascots meet in a little pregame ritual.

Unfortunately, the Texas Longhorns' Bevo wasn't having ANY of it.

Someone should have figured that a 50 pound bulldog meeting a one ton bull wasn't probably the best idea, because as soon as Georgia's Uga was brought in close proximity to Bevo, he broke though his handlers and charged.  Luckily, Uga was snatched away before any damage could be done.

Maybe it was a sign of things to come, as the Longhorns defeated the Bulldogs 28-21.