Boy Has 526 Hidden Teeth Removed From Jawbone

August 1, 2019
Dentist, Teeth, Cleaning, Stone Removal Procedure

(Photo by Getty Images)


A 7-year-old in eastern India had been complaining about tooth pain since he was 3.

Finally, his parents took him to the dentist, where they discovered their son had no ordinary tooth pain.

Upon further examination of his jaw, they discovered their boy had 526 hidden teeth embedded in his jawbone.  

He went into surgery immediately, where after five hours doctors were able to extract the mass of teeth from his jaw.

Doctors, at this point, are unsure of what exactly caused the growth.  They’re theorizing everything from radiation exposure from mobile towers to basic genetics.  

The doctors were able to preserve all of the boy’s original teeth, and they performed the surgery free of charge.

Via NY Post