Gas Buddy Once Again Votes Buc-ee's As The Best Bathrooms In Texas

May 16, 2019

(Photo by iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Whether you're from Texas, recently moved here, or just passing know about Buc-ee's. It's the greatest place on Earth. And it's not just because of their beaver nuggets. The real draw are those gloriously clean bathrooms!

Not only is there paper to cover the toilet seat, but there's also hand sanitizer inside the stall! Plus, there is ALWAYS someone in there cleaning, all day every day!

Needless to say, but Buc-ee's deserves some recognition! Which they got from our good friends at Gas Buddy! Once again, Buc-ee's was voted the best bathrooms in Texas!!! Woohoo! In fact, they aren't just the best in Texas! Buc-ee's clenched the top spot in the nation!!!!!

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