Crandall First City In North Texas To Outlaw Bullying

October 9, 2019
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(Photo by Getty Images)

Crandall is taking major strides to eradicate a problem plaguing schools all over the country.

The Kaufman County city has become the first in North Texas to outlaw bullying, officially deeming it a Class C misdemeanor.  The Crandall City Council approved the notion with a unanimous vote this past Monday.  

Mayor Danny Kirbie wants to send a message that bullying is a criminal offense, and will be taken seriously in his city.  He said, “All people of growing up through any era of time has been bullied somewhere, in sometime, we know somebody that has been.  I think we as Crandall, we’re going to take a step to try to move forward to how can we fix it.”

If any of Crandall’s 5,000 residents are caught bullying, they will now be punished with a fine.