Dallas ISD Schools To Offer Competitive Video Gaming

October 14, 2019
Video Game, Controllers, Friends, Playing

(Photo by Getty Images)

Dallas ISD is stepping into the world of competitive video games.

The district recently announced that 64 schools will be participating in competitive electronic gaming, otherwise known as "Esports."  The program will serve middle and high schools in Dallas through "season passes, equipment, tournaments and incentives."

Student Activities Director Sharla Hudspeth said, "This will get hundreds of our students­­–who are not involved in any other activities–working together and having fun, being part of a team, and reaping the benefits of extracurricular activities."

The DISD Esports program will be  separated into a Middle School Club League and a High School Competitive League. Middle school students will compete in the games Rocket League and Super Smash, and high school students will compete in League of Legends, Rocket League, and Super Smash.

Via Dallas ISD