There's A New Baby Hippo At The Dallas Zoo!

May 17, 2019

(Photo by iStock / Getty Images Plus)

New babies are popping up everywhere in DFW! First the Fort Worth Zoo and their new baby giraffe. Now, the Dallas Zoo has a new baby hippo to love on!

On Wednesday evening, around 6:30 PM, Boipelo gave birth to a big ole baby hippo! Momma and calf are doing well and currently bonding behind the scenes and the Dallas Zoo. As of right now, we do not know the baby's name or sex, but the Dallas Zoo promises to keep us posted in the weeks to come.

WATCH – BABY HIPPO BIRTH: We are thrilled to reveal one of the biggest birth announcements we've ever shared. Boipelo gave birth to a healthy baby calf on Tuesday, May 14 around 6:30 pm – and it was all caught on camera! - Both mom and calf are doing well. Labor lasted seven hours, and the calf was observed nursing just two hours after birth. Boipelo has been very attentive, gently nudging the calf to the surface for air after each nursing session. - Boipelo and our late male Adhama were paired together on an AZA Species Survival Plan breeding recommendation shortly before Adhama passed away last October. Our animal care team and our female hippo are nothing short of resilient. We are grateful to have Adhama’s legacy live on in this new baby. - Mom and baby remain behind the scenes where they are bonding privately. We'll announce their public debut in the coming days along with the baby’s name and gender, so stay tuned! And this fall, a new male hippo will join the duo from another AZA-accredited zoo. This is such an exciting day for us, and our entire Zoo Family is over the moon! - FULL DETAILS AT THE LINK INO OUR BIO --❤️

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What a cute little potato! By the way, the name should definitely be Dirk!