Drunk Man Steals Soviet Era Tank And Drives It Through Neighborhood

June 18, 2019
Soviet, Combat Tank, T-55, Tank, Cold War, Russia, Hangar, Missile

(Photo by Getty Images)

It’s not too often you look out your window and see a gigantic T-55 tank rolling down the street of your neighborhood.

But that’s exactly what happened in the small Polish town of Pajeczno.   

A 49-year-old man got drunk, and decided to swipe the Soviet era tank from wherever it belonged, and drive it through a nearby neighborhood.

Luckily, the man didn’t do any damage to homes or cars, and it turns out, he was authorized to drive the tank.  His superiors, however, probably didn’t expect him to take it out for a joyride.

The drunk tank-driver faces up to two years in prison for driving under the influence, and up to eight years for “creating a dangerous situation.” 

Via RT