The First Cold Front Of Fall Could Finally Hit Texas Next Week

September 27, 2019
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(Photo by Getty Images)

In case you haven’t been outside all month, September will go down as the hottest September on record.

We’ve seen the highest average high temperature in recorded history, and our fair share of triple digit days.  The first official day of fall was last Monday, and the highs have been hovering around 95 all week!

There might be some reprieve, though.  Finally!

Reports indicate that the first cold front of the season could potentially make its way to the Lone Star State Friday, bringing along with it those much-desired cooler temperatures. It might finally start to feel like fall, y’all!


Right now, a cold front could come, but we still do no know how far south the cold front will sink, how much we will see the temperatures drop, and exactly when the cold front will move down.

And unfortunately, predictions see higher than average temperatures into the first couple weeks of October, so temper those expectations for sweater weather, but hold out hope!  It could happen!