Michelle Obama's Mom Doesn't Think She's A "Real" Celebrity

February 13, 2019

(Photo by Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY NETWORK)

What qualifies someone as a celebrity? You would think being a former first lady would be a part of that list, right? WRONG! At least according to Michelle Obama's mom!

Go ahead and put your politics aside because this is just funny.

On Sunday night, Michelle Obama made a special appearance at the Grammys. Like most mothers would do, her mom tuned in for the big moment. Shortly after, she sent her daughter a text message asking if she got to hang out with any of the "real" celebrities after the show.

When your mom doesn't think you're a "real" celebrity...Tonight in Phoenix, I shared this text thread from my mom from #Grammys night, and I just had to share it with all of you. #TextsFromMom --

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LOL! That's adorable!