Fort Worth Santa Crawls On Floor So Blind And Autistic Boy Can “See” Him For The First Time

December 19, 2018
Santa Claus, Child, Reading, Christmas Eve

(Photo by Jimmy Settle/The Leaf-Chronicle)


A Euless mother took her son to Fort Worth a couple of weeks ago for a visit with the real Santa.

Misty Wolf’s son Matthew Foster is six-years-old.  He’s also blind and autistic.  Misty packed Matthew and his 20-month-old sister Lilly in the car and ventured to Cabela's early, hopefully to avoid crowds in case either child had a meltdown. They were able to walk directly up to Santa, but before Matthew sat down on Santa's knee, she informed St. Nick he doesn't talk, and doesn't really interact with people unless he totally trusts them.  Well, who else is more trusting than Santa?

Before Misty could say another word, Santa went down to the floor, and invited him to touch his coat, his face, anything really so Matthew can feel completely comfortable, and get the complete Santa experience.

Santa even let Matthew pull on his beard!  “It was pretty magical,” said Misty.  When asked if he wanted to touch anything else, Matthew quoted from his favorite story, “Twas the Night before Christmas” and asked to feel “your eyes that twinkle.” Of course, Santa let him do so.

Santa told CNN after visiting with Matthew, “You relate to the child and what the child needs.  He has never seen the world the way we have seen the world.”

Absolutely beautiful!