French's To Release Mustard-Flavored Ice Cream In Honor Of National Mustard Day

August 1, 2019
Yellow Mustard, Bowl, Square Dish, White Background, Isolated

(Photo by Getty Images)

In food news surely to gross a lot of you out, French's is going all out this year to celebrate National Mustard Day.

French's has teamed with ice cream band Coolhaus to introduce mustard-flavored ice cream to a few, select cities this summer.  

The company sent out in a tweet they want us to experience mustard like we've "never had before."

The mustard ice cream will only be available on select days in New York and Los Angeles over the next week, but who knows.  Maybe if it's a hit, we'll soon see it in stores across the country, where we will promptly ignore them before selecting Blue Bell again.

Via Fox News