This Frenchie Eating Popcorn Will Make Your Day!

November 27, 2018

We don't deserve dogs! They're simply the best. They're adorable little bundles of fur that will always make you smile, even when they're bad. They're just too good for us humans.

Meet Griffn the Frenchie, who is somewhat of an internet sensation. Why? For eating! Actually, his owners are pretty genius and started recording his awesome eating sounds up close with a microphone.

Get ready because this is going to make your day! Let's start with Griffin chowing down on popcorn.

Doggo doing a popcorn ASMR eating video ------ #PopcornCronch #ASMR #ASMRfood **Watch till the end _______________ --Sound Up-- . . . . . **This is popcorn contains no salt/sugar or flavoring

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And here's Griffin snacking on rice cakes.

It’s crunch time -------- #Ricecakes #ASMR #ASMRFood **Tag a fellow ricecake lover below -- _______________ --Sound Up-- . . . . . **These are organic popped rice cakes that contain no sugar, salt or flavorings

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And don't forget to eat your vegetables.

Doggo doing a real ASMR eating video ----#AppleCronch #CucumberCronch #ASMR #ASMRfood _______________ --Sound Up-- . . . . . **Which cronch did you prefer apple or cucumber?

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You're welcome!