In Honor Of The Class Of 2019, Miles In The Morning Wrote Letters To Their 18-Year-Old Selves

May 24, 2019

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You know, graduation has us thinking. If you wrote a letter to your younger self, what would it say? What advice would you give yourself for the future? Would you tell yourself to avoid certain people? Perhaps suggest that bangs are a bad idea?

Well, here at KLUV, Miles in the Morning did just that. Jeff, Rebekah, and David all wrote quick notes to their younger graduating selves. These words will make you laugh, some might make you cry, or something just might inspire you to write a letter of your own or to a graduate you know!

So here it goes, starting with Jeff's letter...

Dear 18 Year Old Jeff

You are now finally finished with High School.  And now you have to get serious about what is next in life.  Becoming an adult.  What does that even mean?  You may never fully understand that even 25 years from now. 

At 18 you will be going through some of the hardest changes in your life.  Or so it seems at the time.  But those changes will shape your life moving forward in ways you will not understand.  The girl you swear you were going to marry will break up with you and crush your heart, but this will push you to make you understand a world of independence. 

Sports do not define you.  Something it will take a few more years to understand. 

Joining the Army will be one of the greatest decisions you will make.  The confidence you will gain will be the biggest change in your personality you encounter.  And the internal feeling of knowing you served this great country is something no one can ever take away from you.  And will define your deep appreciation for our Nation’s veterans

Like anyone else in life you will have no idea what you are going to do until you stumble across it.  You will be searching for a part time job for the summer while in college that will turn into a life long career.  Be Bold and walk in that door you almost talked yourself out of. 

Relationships will come and go.  You will be married more than once.  And it is totally ok to “be a statistic” and you will find incredible joy and happiness in an amazing woman named Zulie.  She is your rock.  Listen to her.  Have long talks with her.  Listen to music together.  It will be your go to when times are hard.  And she will give you two of the most amazing a beautiful children

Don’t spend too much time dwelling on your failures, and don’t spend to much time basking in your accomplishments.  Both of those end up in the same place….the past.

Learn from your mistakes and remember how you’ve helped others.

Most importantly always remember that the greatest attribute is listening with an open mind and open heart.  And also remember that your words carry the same weight with others and need to be used with careful consideration of how they affect those around you.

Let's see what Rebekah has to say to her 18-year-old self...

Dear Rebekah,

High school sucks! But you probably already know that. Don’t worry, college will be your time to shine. Now, I know you’re tired of school and the last thing you want to do it MORE school, but listen closely. Don’t rush it. Stay in as long as you can! Your parents love you and will pay for it! Remember 5th year stands for fun!!!

Guilt. It’s a helluva thing. You have a tendency to harbor it. Don’t let it get the best of you. Find a way to get past it and move on. Everyone makes mistakes, just like everyone poops. Don’t choose to dwell in those moments. Don’t replay old memories in your head over and over again. Instead try and learn from those experiences and be better.

And finally, in life you only have to please 2 people. Yourself and Jesus. Once you realize that, life will be sooooo much easier.

Love 37-year-old Rebekah

P.S. In the future there will be a TV show called Game of Thrones. Avoid it at all costs. The series finale will ruin it for you. AND go ahead buy the domain name I used the www because in the year 2000 you still have to type that in.

And finally, some words of wisdom from David...

Dear David,
I’m sending you a letter from 2019.  You are about to embark on an amazing future.  Sure, there are bumps along the way, but from where I stand, you are in for a heck of a ride.
First off, you’re going to escape from that small town.  You will love living in Pittsburgh and going to Pitt.  You get a fresh start, because that’s where no one knows you.  This is going to be a lot of work and you’ll have a lot of fun as well.  This is where you will really find your love for working in both radio and television. 
Don’t get to used to living there though.  Halfway through, Dad is going to take another job and you’re all going to uproot and move to Houston, Texas.  Yes, there will be a huge culture shock in moving from Pennsylvania to Texas.  
The first thing you’ll have to deal with.  Let’s put it this way.  Dad moves us there in the middle of August.
Tennis.  You have been playing for so many years in junior high and high school.  You got to be the best in the city this year.  But, it’s a small city and the tennis world is going to get bigger than you can imagine in a few years.  You’ll always play the game, but you get the chance to see the best in the world from an upclose view.  You’re going to travel the country, emceeing tennis tournaments… everywhere from L-A to Miami to Philly and everywhere in between. 
One thing, when you go to do some voiceover work at a travel video place, be sure to be really nice to the receptionist there. 
A couple of years later, you’re going to meet her again.  And your life will change forever.. to this day. No matter what you think, she is so much smarter than you.
PS.  Buy stock in Apple and Amazon.