Check Out This "Kevin Spills The Chili" Baby Halloween Costume From The Office

October 11, 2018

(Photo by Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup)

Remember that episode of The Office where Kevin spent hours and hours preparing his famous chili, only to drop it all over the office floor after the elevator was broken? Just for fun, here's the clip...

Now, you know what's better than watching Kevin drip the chili? A baby wearing a costume of Kevin dropping the chili. Shared by none other than Jenna Fischer aka Pam from The Office...Amazon's "Paper Company Accountant Spilling A Pot Of Chili."

Halloween idea. @bbbaumgartner #theoffice #halloween--

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Ok, greatest costume EVER! This one wins Halloween.

On a sad note, this isn't a real Halloween costume. It doesn't really exist on Amazon, but it should. Whomp. Whomp.