Jennifer Garner Shares A Celebrity Sneeze Blogpost Featuring Herself Mid-Sneeze

February 1, 2019

(Photo by imageSPACE/Sipa USA)

Celebrity allergies? Who knew there was an entire website dedicated to this very thing?!?!?!?

Jennifer Garner has been caught in the act of sneezing multiple times by paparazzi. Yes, there's photographic evidence. Weirdly though, she still won't admit to the public as to whether or not she has allergies! SHAME!!!!!!!!!!! (Read with sarcasm).

So this original blogpost was spotted by none other than Jennifer Garner herself. And get this...she actually shared it on her Instagram account!

Extra! Extra! -- #tbt #sneezenews #youhearditherefirstfolks

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LOL! Sneeze news!