Jimmy Kimmel Is So Mean! Forces Little Kids To Meet Michael Myers

October 25, 2018

(Photo by Shannon Heupel/Advertiser)

We all know that one kiddo who didn't enjoy their first experience meeting Santa Claus. Even though they love the idea of old Saint Nick bringing them presents on Christmas Eve, that first meeting is usually pretty scary. So why not take the idea of the traditional Santa pics and apply it to Halloween.

Yep, Jimmy Kimmel did just that, only he swapped out Santa for Michael Myers. Chhhhhh, chhhhhh, chhhhhh, haaaaa, haaaaa, haaaaaa. Oh and then he made kids take pictures with him! Chhhhhh, chhhhhh, chhhhhh, haaaaa, haaaaa, haaaaaa.

There is a bright side to this story though. Not every kid hated Michael Myers. There's even that one little one with a heart of gold, who actually hugged Michael after their photo-op. Awwwwwwww.