Jimmy Kimmel's Asks Parents To Turn Off Their Kid's Fortnite...Mid-Game

December 17, 2018

(Photo by Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY NETWORK)

Fortnite is THE game on 2018. Everyone is playing. We've even seen stories where kids don't eat because they would rather be playing Fortnite. It's dang near impossible to pry the kids away from it.

No doubt, the Fortnite love is getting out of hand. However, there is a simple solution, but one your kids will hate...just turn off the TV while they're playing!

Jimmy Kimmel has issued a new YouTube challenge to all the parents out there. If you're kiddo is playing Fortnite all day every day, it's time to unplug. And it wouldn't be Jimmy Kimmel LIVE without your video proof!

Watch at these kids lose their minds when Fortnite gets turned off mid-game!

So mean, yet so, so funny!