Kiefer Sutherland Apologizes For Making The Mullet Popular

October 25, 2019
Kiefer Sutherland, Red Carpet, 2016 Toronto International Film Festival

(Photo by Anthony Behar)

Kiefer Sutherland wants to issue an apology.

He feels like he made the mullet popular, and he wants to apologize for it.

For the 1987 movie The Lost Boys, director Joel Schumaker wanted Sutherland, who portrayed the character David, to have long hair.  Sutherland wanted to fashion his hairstyle at the mega-popular Billy Idol.  Sutherland said in a recent interview, "And Billy Idol had just come out... and he looked cool. I mean, he just looked badass. And so I thought, 'Well, he's got white hair. That could look really cool."

Unfortunately the hairstyle didn't come out exactly how he wanted it.  "Joel Schumacher wanted me to have long hair, and I had long hair at the time and then he wanted it white, a timeless kind of thousand-year-old look. So I dyed it white and my hair was like normally long, like long everywhere. And I just looked like a wrestler! I hated it. And I just thought, 'That's awful.'"

And because of The Lost Boys, Sutherland believes he made the mullet popular.  He continued saying, "And so I actually think I might've been responsible, or at least partially responsible, for creating the mullet. And for that, I'll apologize to the death."

While Sutherland believes he may have made the mullet popular in the late '80s, the hairstyle dates back back all the way to the sixth century, and was worn in the '70s by rock stars Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, and Keith Richards.

Via Movie Web