LIVE From The Disney Dream: Jeff & Rebekah Interview Mouguett Lozada, The VIP Of Guest Services

October 16, 2018

If you're looking for a bit of fun and relaxation while traveling on the Disney Dream...Mouguett Lozado is the wonderful woman behind it all. She's been with Disney for just over 17 years and is currently the VIP of Guest Services. She's been in the particular role for 7 years and responsible for all cruise arrangements and adventures. Basically, she's the one who makes your vacation utterly amazing.

Now, while we're broadcasting LIVE from the Disney Dream, we got the chance to meet Mouguett. Of course we talked about her job and some of the amazing things to do and see while heading to the Bahamas.

Ok parents, you will love this, there's child care if you need a little alone time with your significant other. That way your kids can party all day with other kids, then you can meet up for dinner as a family. Speaking of dinner, Animator's Palate is just one of the many restaurants aboard the Disney Dream. It's 100% interactive, meaning the turtle aka Crush actually talks to you!!! And you can talk back,!!! Not to mention, if entertainment is your thing, the night life offers lots of shows, including Beauty and the Beast! Which, by the way, is also Mauguett's favorite thing on the Dream.

Special thanks to Mauguett, for taking time out of her busy schedule to hang out with us! Enter to win your own Disney Dream Cruise HERE!

Listen to the audio below.