Is Marv’s Scream From “Home Alone” The Funniest In Movie History?

December 26, 2018
Daniel Stern, The Paley Center, Red Carpet, Leather Jacket, Beard, 2014

(Photo by Birdie Thompson/AdMedia/Sipa USA)


With it being the Holiday season, no doubt most of y'all gathered around the television to watch the classic Christmas movie Home Alone.

If you'll remember, one of the many traps Kevin McCallister laid for the Wet Bandits involved his older brother's pet tarantula.  Unfortunately, Marv was the unlucky one who faced the wrath of the arachnid.

As the spider was lowered onto his face, Marv let out an amazing, terrified, and hilarious (for us) scream…

A few days ago, Seth Rogen threw out the question, that is this scream the absolute funniest scream in movie history?


For the most part, people agreed.



Still, some threw out some alternate choices they have in their running for the best movie scream.




So what do you think? Who has the funniest scream in Hollywood history?