North Texas High School Goes “Phones Free” To Help Students Focus

November 20, 2019
High School, Students, Cell Phones

(Photo by Getty Images)

You won’t find any kids playing on their cell phones at PACE High School in Duncanville.

The school has become the first in the area to go completely “phones free” during the day, locking their students’ phones away during school hours to help them better focus on their education.  Student Matthew McKinney says not having his phone readily available has definitely helped him focus.   “I have definitely noticed positive changes in the classroom," he said. "Just in general, I'm starting to forget my phone more and interact with people more.”

PACE is one of 12 schools in Texas using Yondr lockable pouches to go phones free.


Once the school day ends, they go to the administrator’s office where their pouch can be unlocked.