Police Ask Citizens To Stop Committing Crimes Until The Heat Wave Is Over

July 22, 2019
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(Photo by Getty Images)

It’s hot out there, y’all.

It’s uncomfortably hot from well before sunrise to well before sundown, and we’ve got a while before it starts feeling any better.  

And this isn’t just a Texas problem, either.  Most parts of the entire country are unreasonably warm, and though we’re used to it, some places just aren’t.  But we can appreciate the suffering all the same, which is why we completely feel for these police officers in Illinois and Massachusetts.

The Park Forest Police Department in Illinois and the Braintree Police Department in Massachusetts have politely asked their citizens to hold off on the crime and stay inside until their heat waves pass. 

Park Forest Police have even extended the crime cancellation, saying it’s still too hot, so “please no ‘criminaling.’”

Via Fox News