Scientist Suggests Eating Human Flesh To Deter Climate Change

September 11, 2019
Doll Parts, Sandwich, Teal Background, Quirky Cannibalism

(Photo by Getty Images)

A Swedish scientist believes he has unlocked the mystery of the possible fight against climate change.

Stockholm School of Economics professor and researcher Magnus Soderlund spoke at a Stockholm summit, where he suggested eating human flesh, derived from dead bodies, might be able to help save the human race if only we as a society were to “awaken the idea.”

Soderlund believes the taboos associate with cannibalism would change over time if people “simply tried” eating human flesh.  Soderlund believes that humans are too selfish to “live sustainably,” and that cannibalism might be a solution to food sustainability in the future.

And when asked if we was open to the idea of trying human flesh, Soderlund, of course, said yes. Though he does suggest before we all resolve to eating each other to save the environment, he first suggested we undertake more plausible options like eating pets and insects.

Via NY Post